1925 Gazetteer

Gazetteer ca 1925, Complete title uncertain. Typed by Debbie Gilpin.


Pop 1700, county seat Taylor County, L & N Railroad, Adams Express


Arvin, A J, blacksmith

Atkinson, J A, physician  [should be Jefferson Lee, not J.A., note by Betty Gorin]

Bank of Campbellsville, Henry R Turner cashier

Baptist Academy of the Russell Creek Association

Bass, S R, physician

Bass, S R & Son, drugs, stationary and jewelry

Black, B T, physician

Blieden, A D, clothing and shoes

Buchanan Collegiate Institute, The

Buchanan, J B, physician

Buchanan, T W & Co., hardware and implements

Burress, J H, tin and sheet metal work

Campbellsville Electric Light Co, B S Kincart mgr.

Campbellsville Grist Mills, Frank H Merkley prop

Campbellsville Hotel, Mrs. M O Cowherd prop

Campbellsville Lumber Co, W E Wood secy and treas

Campbellsville Machine Shop, A C Burrey

Campbellsville Telephone Co, G V Murray mgr

Carroll, J P, gun and locksmith

Chandler, E R, groceries

Chandler, W A, Novelty Co. groceries and stationary

Chandler, W T, physician and druggist

Chaney & Son, groceries

Cloyd, J W, general merchandise

Coakley & Durham, general merchandise

Coakley, J W, groceries

Coakley & Sims Bros, marble and granite

Coca Cola Bottling Works, Joe Willock prop

Cockrel, Lige, barber

Collins, J T, attorney at law

Commercial Hotel, J T “Snap” Vaughan and F H Vaughan props, fare the best, rates $2 per day

Cox, F M & Co, groceries

Cumberland Telephone Co, pay station

Davis, J R & Bro, general merchandise

Durham, J C & Bro, horses and mules

Farmers Deposit Bank, H U Rice asst cashier

Farmers Roller Mills, C F Mantz prop, mfrs of flour, meal and feed, dealer in hay and grain

Gaines & Phillips, livery stable

Gowdy, D W, general merchandise

Gowdy, J E, mfr of staves and heading

Gowdy, J T, livery and sale stable

Gowdy, V M Co, wholesale grocers and cigar mfrs

Grinstead, S H & Co, wholesale produce

Harding, Brookin T, attorney at law

Hill Bros, general merchandise

Hill, R L, drugs and jewelry

Hobson, N, groceries and meats

Hodgen, George, barber

Hodgen, W Tom, barber

Hoskins, T E & Co, dry goods and shoes

Jackson, W M, attorney at law

Jones, Frank, blacksmith

Jones, W C, contractor and builder

Lindsey and Rice, hay, grain and feed

Lyon Buggy Co, buggies, harness, etc

Lyon, R J & Co, undertakers

Malone, W L, attorney at law

Marshall, A H, coal, hay and feed

Martin, J H & Son, groceries

Moss, J T, lawyer and insurance

Patteson, C C, dentist

Phillips, J T, contractor and builder

Pruett, Harding & Co, general merchandise

Puyear, R E, attorney at law

Rice, B A, county attorney

Rice, R M, groceries and meats

Russell & Harding, attorneys at law

Sanders, Harry, physician

Sanders, Mrs. H R , millinery and notions

Sanders, J R, attorney and master commissioner

Sanders, R A, dentist

Singer Sewing Machine Co, G R Holt mgr

Singler Bros, lumber, sash. doors, etc

Smith & Flora, hardware

Spurling, M L, undertaker

Standard Oil Co

Standard Saw Mill Co, hardwood, lumber

Stults, J S, wholesale dealer in lumber and staves

Taylor National Bank, G H Gowdy, cashier

United States Fidelity & Guarantee Co, C W Wright, agt

Walling, U P & Co, lumber

Wilkerson & Davis, shoes and men’s furnishings

Williams Bros, groceries

Williams, J H, harness maker

Willock, Joe, groceries and meats

Wolford, John A, attorney at law

Wood, H C, attorney at law

Wright, C W, attorney at law and surety bonds

Young, W L, attorney at law



1925  Gazetteer

ACTON in Taylor County

Pop. 45


Hogan, W F, blacksmith

Wood, W G, genl mdse

Wright, Lacy B & Co, genl mdse

Yowell, W H, grocer



ELKHORN in Taylor County

Pop. 87


Benningfield, F E, blacksmith

Hardin, J T, blacksmith

Hyden, E C, genl mdse

Kelsey, J H, genl mdse

Kelsey, O M, physician

Lindsay & Rice, flour mill

May, G T, genl mdse

May Bros, genl mdse

Murrah, D W, grocer

Robinson, W T, genl mdse

Spurling, M L, undertaker


MANNSVILLE in Taylor County

Pop. 144


Martin & Allen, genl mdse

Pruett, G T, physician

Puryear & Peterson, grist mill

Spurling, M L, undertaker

Weatherford, K, genl mdse