1896 Gazetteer

Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1896, Volume VII,

Published by R. L. Polk & Co., & A. C. Danser, Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis


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A recently established post office in Taylor county.

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In Taylor county, 5 miles south of Campbellsville, the county seat and nearest railroad approach. Population, 20

Atchley, James, general store

Gaines & Gaines, general store


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   On the L. & N. R. R.  is a village located in Taylor County, of which it is the judicial seat. It has 1 bank, a saw, carding and flour mill, 5 churches and 2 schools also 2 hotels.  Stage to Columbia daily; fare, $1.50. Exp.,Adams. Tel., W. U.;  Population, 1,000. A. B. Gowdy, postmaster.

Anderson, Fleming, grocer

Atkinson, Jefferson L., physician

Bank of Campbellsville (capital $50,000, John H. Chandler pres, John N Turner, cash

Bass, Samuel R, physician

Bass & Bryant (Samuel R Bass, E H Bryant), drugs

Biely Bros (Edward and Albert E), photographers

Black, Benjamin T., physician

Bryant, E. H., watchmaker

Buchanan, Elijah F., physician

Buchanan, Dr James B, drugs

Buchanan, Thomas W., general store

Buchanan & Sidebottom (Mrs B L Buchanan, Miss Lizzie B Sidebottom), millinery

Burdick, W. D. & Son, flour and saw mill, 3 ½ miles south

Caldwell, James T, county judge

Campbellsville Lumber Co, H O Wood pres, U P Walling sec.

Campbellsville Wire Fence Co, Charles Patteson pres, B T Marshall sec.

Carroll, J P, gunsmith

Carson, Andrew C. carpenter

Chandler, Miss Emma, artist

Chandler, John H, mayor

Chandler, J Morgan, editor The Times-Journal

Chandler, Wm. A, grocer and city marshal

Chandler, Dr W T, drugs

Check, E A, lawyer (Cheek)

Cloyd, John W, general store

Cobb, Wm D, express and drayage

Cockerell, E. D., barber

Coffey, Cyrus R, harness maker

Coffey, C R & Son (Cyrus R and Clarence) hotel

Collins, Joseph T, county attorney

Collins & Davis (H H Collins, J H Davis) livery

Colvin & Rice ( Robert Colvin, Joseph Rice), grocers

Commercial Hotel, W R Lyon prop

Cook, Miss Nannie, dressmaker

Coakley & Durham (E M Coakley, E Durham) general store

Coppock, Elias, farm lands

Cox, Charles T, dep county clerk

Cox, Mrs. D F, dressmaker

Cundiff, G J, U S revenue collector

Davis, J R & Bro (J R and J E) general store

Dick, Rev C W (Christian)

Faulkner, Thomas C, county surveyor

Fleece,  Mrs Hattie, dressmaker

Freeman & Durham (Vincent Freeman, James W Durham) furniture

George, James W, carpenter

Goode & Beard (McC Goode, J L Beard) grocer

Gowdy, David W, general store

Gowdy, George H, civil engineer

Gowdy, James T, livery

Gowdy, J E, staves and heading

Graves, Garrett, insurance

Green, Rev J S (Col Presbyterian)

Green, Theo E, lawyer

Green, Thomas E, circuit clerk

Hazard, John, painter

Hodgin & Hodgin (George and Thomas), barbers

Hord, George W, justice of the peace

Hoskins, T E & Co (T E Hoskins) general store

Jablow, Isaac, general store

Johnson, Miss Mary G., milliner

Jones, Wm C, contractor

Kerr, James W, dep county clerk

Kerr, Samuel E, county clerk

Kirtley, E H, lawyer

Leckey, Isaac, woolen mill (Note from Betty Gorin: probably should be Blakey)

Loving, Rev John W (Baptist)

Lyon & Williams (W R Lyon, J H Williams) harness makers

Lyon, Rev A P (Methodist)

McElroy, Rev  (Methodist)

Marshall, John A, police judge

Martin, Wm H, blacksmith

Merkley, J E, flour mill

Montague, R L, lawyer

Moore & Marshall (D B Moore, A H Marshall) commission

Moss, J T, lawyer

Murray, Green V, railroad and exp agent

Newton Bros (S A and Abraham), grocers and distillers

Odewalt, Jacob, grocer and drugs

Patteson, Charles, circuit judge 11th judicial district

Puryear, Emmet, lawyer

Pyles, Charles, tanner

Rice, B A, lawyer

Rice, Rev Daniel (Baptist)

Ricketts, Wm E, shoemaker

Rivers, Robert P, railroad tax collr.

Robinson, Henry S, Attorney at Law

Robinson, John R, Attorney at Law

Romine Bros (Benjamin, Samuel and W D), contractors

Sanders, Charles P, county supt of schools

Sanders, Mrs H R, milliner and fancy goods

Sanders, James R, prin pub school

Sanders & Graves (J H Sanders, R Garnet Graves) lawyers

Slaughter, Mrs J B, dressmaker

Smith & Flora (Luther B Smith, Griffin C. Flora) hardware

Smith & Hill (J R Smith, W H Hill) general store

Spurling, Eli F, watchmaker

Stults, John B, lumber

Taylor County Fair Association, Newton Bros proprs

Times-Journal The, J. Morgan Chandler, editor

Towles, George W, lawyer

Triplett, James, dentist

Turner, John N, county treasurer

Vanhoy S S Jr, watchmaker

Walsh, Wm H, staves and heading

Weaver, Rev J H (Presbyterian)

Whalen, Rev (Catholic)

Wilkinson & Wood (Nathan Wilkinson, J A Wood) blacksmiths

Willock, Joseph, grocer and meats

Wise, J Wm, county assessor

Wood, H C, lawyer

Wood, James M, city attorney

Woolford, John A, lawyer (also spelled Wolford)

Wright, Charles W, insurance

Wright, John S, saw mill

Wright & Moss (Charles W Wright, John T  Moss) lawyers

Wright & Turner (C W Wright,  J N Turner) carriage dealers

Young, Wm L, lawyer





Page 249

Elk Horn

In Taylor county, 4 miles from Campbellsville, the county seat, banking and shipping point. Population 125, M B May, postmaster

Beard, C T, general store

Benningfield, F E, blacksmith

Dudgeon, Rev Wm (Baptist)

Ford, Rev W F (Methodist)

Hogan & Penn, saw and grist mill

Kelsay, Otho M, physician

Kelsay & Coleman, drugs

May, George F, jewelry

May, M B, general store

May, Samuel H, general store

Murrah, W D, physician

Sexton, Daisy, teacher

Sterling, Pittman, shoemaker

White, Dave (Col), blacksmith


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Taylor county 10 miles east of Campbellsville, the county seat and banking point and 7 miles from Spurlington, the nearest railroad point. Population 75

Bright, James A, hotel

Chandler, H E, saw mill

Chelf, Mrs E, general store

Cox, George W, blacksmith

Hogan & Co, saw mill

Penn’s E Sons, general store



Taylor county, 18 miles from Campbellsville, the judicial seat and banking point, and 12 from New Hope, the nearest shipping point.

Skaggs, B F, general store


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Taylor county, 16 miles northeast of Campbellsville, the county seat, 9 miles from Spurlington, the nearest shipping point, and 16 southwest of Lebanon, the nearest bank location. Population 75, John Gabehart, postmaster.

Bailey, N R, carpenter

Bailey, W H, carpenter

Gabehart, R L & Co, General Store

Hunter, W F, blacksmith

Shankling, Thomas, blacksmith

Shreve, Benjamin A, general store

Stamp, A M & Son, Saw Mill

Tucker, B W & Co, saw mill

Tucker, E N, justice

Wooley, B F, grist mill and staves

Wooley, W J, carpenter


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Taylor county, 10 miles northwest of Campbellsville, the county seat, banking and shipping point.

Beams, J. L. saw mill

Miller, L P, flour mill

Sadole, G B, blacksmith

Skaggs, R C, general store


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Taylor County, 6 miles northwest of Campbellsville, the county seat, banking and shipping point. Population 60

Durham, W W, general store

Durham, J R & Co., general store

Durham, E D, harness maker


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On the L & N R. R. in Taylor county, 6 miles north of Campbellsville, the county seat and bank location. Population 100. Exp. Adams, M. L. Spurling, postmaster

Hayner, Susan E, Milliner

Melton, B J, blacksmith

Smith, T J, general store

Spurling, J B, General Store, Railroad and Exp Agent


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Taylor county, 10 ½ miles from Campbellsville, the county seat and shipping point. E. B. Romine, postmaster

Eubanks, Edward, blacksmith

Johns & Dudgeon, distiller

Johnson, Rev W W (Presbyterian)

Lee, George, justice

Turner Bros, General Store

Willis & Sons, saw and grist mill


Page 836


Taylor county, 10 miles northwest of Campbellsville, the county seat, banking and shipping point. Population, 50.

McFarland, J. T., general store

McFarland, W. R. T., general store