1891 Gazetteer

Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1891-92, Vol VI,

published by R L Polk & co., Detroit, (Filson Historical Society Collection)


Page 140


                A postoffice in Taylor county, 5 miles south of Campbellsville, the county seat and nearest railroad approach. Population, 20. Mail, daily. A. G. McCorkle, postmaster.

Burriss, Edward, painter

Durham, John, blacksmith

Gaines & Shively, general store

McCorkle, A G, Grocer

Shively, A H, physician


Page 147


                On the C & O. br. of the L & N. R. R., is a village located in Taylor county, of which it is the judicial seat.  It has 1 bank, a tannery, a saw, carding and flour mill, 5 churches and 2 schools, also 2 hotels. The exports consist of tobacco and grain, and the average price for unimproved land is $5, and $20 for farms. Stage to Columbia daily: fare, $1.50. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U.;  Population, 1,000. Wm. L. Malone, postmaster.


Bain, E R, Lumber Dealer

Bank of Campbellsville (capital, $50,000) John H Chandler pres, John N Turner cash.

Bass & Bryant (Samuel R Bass, E H Bryant), druggists.

Benningfield, M H, grocer and baker

Blakey, George H, timber inspector

Bomar, Isaac T, photogr and jeweler

Borders, George, Propr, Borders’ Hotel

Borders Hotel, George Borders Propr.

Borders, Robert, town marshal

Buchanan, James B, physician

Buchanan, T W, general store

Burdick, W D & Son, flour and saw mills, 3 ½ miles s

Campbell, Alfred T, county clerk

Campbellsville Lumber Co, H O Wood Pres, Levi Summers Vice-Pres, U P Walling Sec.

Carroll, J P, gunsmith

Carroll, Wm C, jeweler

Carson, Andrew C, carpenter

Chandler, J Morgan, editor Times-Journal

Chandler, Robert D, druggist

Chandler, Wm A, grocer

Chandler, Wilson & Hord ( J H Chandler, L A Wilson, R F Hord) Livery

Chandler, Dr W T, general store

Chandler & Smith (John H Chandler, John R Smith) general store

Clark, W F, Dentist

Cloyd, John W, general store

Coakley, Ed M, general store

Coffey, Cyrus R, harnessmaker

Coleman, J S, gen mngr Royer Wheel Co.

Collins, J T, Lawyer

Commercial Hotel, Tandy Bros Proprs.

Cook, Miss Nannie, dressmaker

Cox, Charles T, deputy county clerk

Cox, Mrs. D F, dressmaker

Creel, Robert E, undertaker

Crowe, Rev C R (Methodist)

Davis, J R & Bro (J R & J E), general store

Faulkner, Thomas C, county surveyor

Fawcett Bros (W P, J M & Wm G), grocers

Fleece C R & Co  C R Fleece, M J Rosenham), grocers

George, James W, carpenter

Gowdy, David W, general store

Gowdy & Collins (J F Gowdy, H H Collins), livery

Greene, Thomas E, circuit clerk

Gumm, J C, tailor

Hazard, John, painter

Herron, John W, Sec Royer Wheel Co.

Hodgin, George, barber

Jablow, Isaac, general store

Jeter, Rodephel E, carpenter

Johnson, Miss Mary G, milliner

Jones, Wm C, contractor

Kirk, Christy & Co. (Isaac Kirk, H C Christy, H C Bradley, Warren, Ohio), Lumber

Lively, Samuel, blacksmith

McFarland, W R T, county judge

Malone, Miss Matilda, Asst Deputy Postmaster

Malone, Miss Paulina, Deputy Postmaster

Malone, Wm L, Postmaster

Marshall, John A, justice

Marshall & Tailor (B T Marshall, R A Tailor) boots and shoes

Martin, Wm H, blacksmith

Mathews, Albert, jailor

Matson, W G, mngr Kirk, Christy & Co

Merkley, J E, flour mill

Montague, R S, Lawyer

Moore & Marshall (D B Moore, A H Marshall) general store

Moss, John T, lawyer

Murray, Green V, railroad and exp agent

Newton Bros (W L, S A and Abraham), general store

Newton, James R, saloon

Patteson, Charles, Lawyer

Ramsey, James A, Mufr head-raised Bed Springs

Redman, George W, tanner

Roberts, Joseph T, constable

Robinson, Henry S, County Attorney

Robinson, John R., Lawyer

Rollins, Miss Josie, dressmaker

Royer Wheel Co, Thomas H Wright Pres, J. W. Herron, Sec, J S Coleman Genl Mngr, Spoke Mnfrs

Sanders, H R, furs and produce

Sanders, R D, coroner and sheriff

Scott, W B, notions

Smith & Flore (Luther B Smith, Griffin C Flore) hardware

Spurling, Benjamin F, blacksmith

Stephenson, Daniel O, Bookkeeper Royer Wheel Co.

Stults, John S., Lumber Dealer

Summers, Levi, Vice-Pres Campbellsville Lumber Co.

Tandy Bros ( J D and R E) Proprs Commercial Hotel

Times-Journal The, J Morgan Chandler, editor

Towles, G W, Lawyer

Turner, John N, cash Bank of Campbellsville

Walling, U P, Mngr Campbellsville Lumber Co

Willock, Joseph, grocer

Willock, Wm., bricklayer

Willock & Durham, Grocers

Woolford, John A., Lawyer

Wright, Charles W., tax collector

Wright, Thomas H, Pres Royer Wheel Co.

Wright & Turner (C W Wright, J N Turner) carriage dealers

Young, Joseph M, county assessor

Young, W L, lawyer


Page 242


   In Taylor county, 4 miles from Campbellsville, the county seat, banking and shipping point, and 85 from Louisville. Population, 125.  Mail, daily.  W. D. Murrah, postmaster.

Atkinson, Frank, teacher

Burress, E G, shoemaker

Creek, T W, saw and grist mill

Graves, Rev D D (Baptist)

Kelsay, O M, physician

May, M B, general store  (Mitchell Beeler)

May, Samuel H, general store (Henry)

Murrah, W D, Physician

Pryne Rev. (Methodist)


Page 605


  In Taylor county, 10 miles east of Campbellsville, the county seat, 7 from Spurlington, the nearest railroad point, and 87 southeast of Louisville.  Population, 75. W. Hogan, postmaster.

Bright, E, deputy county clerk

Cox, G W, blacksmith and wagonmaker

Floyd, John F, physician

Floyd, Wm, physician

Harrison, J P, teacher

Hogan & Co, Saw, Corn and Grist Mill

Mercer, J O, notary public

Penn’s E Son, General Store

Penn & Lindsay, saw and grist mill

Peterson, G W, general store

Spurling, J B, railroad and exp agt.



   In Taylor County, 18 miles from Campbellsville, the judicial seat and banking point, and 12 from New Hope, the nearest shipping point.  Mail, daily.  B. F. Skaggs, postmaster.

Flynn, E H, express agent

Skaggs, B F, General Store

Skaggs, K S, flour mill

Underwood, S D, flour mill


Page 827


   In Taylor County, 6 miles northwest of Campbellsville, the county seat, banking and shipping point. Mail, daily. Population, 60.  James M Durham, postmaster.

Allen, M B, justice

Durham, J R, General Store

Durham, W W, general store and justice

Jones, Thomas, chair mnfr

Kerr, S E, deputy county clerk

Kerr & Wade, general store

Murray, G V, railroad, exp and tel agent

Nall, W H , shoemaker

Nelson, A B, lumber

Overstreet, W H, constable

Sanders, H G, livestock

Sanders, James & L A, livestock

Smith, R H, physician

Snowden, A R, blacksmith


Page 854


   A station on the L & N. R. R., in Taylor county, 6 miles north of Campbellsville, the county seat and bank location.  Population, 100. Exp., Adams  Mail, Daily.  C. M. Hobson, postmaster

Coakley, J M, General Store

Cox, Thomas, blacksmith

Hayner, Susan E, milliner

Melton, B J, blacksmith

Spurling, J B, railroad and express agent

Spurling & Rexroat, general store

Wright, Samuel, saw and grist mill