1883 Gazetteer

Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1883-4. Volume IV, Published by R L Polk and Co and A C Danser, Detroit, Michigan and Louisville, Kentucky

Page 46

County Officials – Taylor

Sheriff – C W Wright

Circuit Clerk – T E Green

County Clerk – A T Campbell


Page 127

Burdick. A postoffice and small settlement in Taylor county, 6 miles south of Campbellsville, the county seat and nearest railroad approach. Mail, tri-weekly.



Page 133

Campbellsville.  On the C. & O.  br. of the L. & N. R. R. is a village located in Taylor county, of which it is the judicial seat. Nearest bank location is Lebanon, 17 miles north. A handle factory, a tannery, a saw and carding mill, two churches and 2 schools are here; also a first-class hotel.  “The Campbellsville House”. A good flour mill and a bank are needed. The exports consist of tobacco and grain, and the average price for unimproved land is $5, and $20 for farms.  Stage to Columbia daily; fare, $1.50. Express, Adams. Telegraph, W. U.  Population 900. R H Martin, postmaster

Bailey, CB & Co (Chap B Bailey, John B Montgomery) Proprs Campbellsville Hotel, the only Commercial

                 Hotel in town. Saloon and Livery.

Baker, Horace, tel operator L & N Ry.

Bass, John W, county judge

Bass, Dr. Samuel R, drugs, books, jewelry, etc.

Blakey, Isaac, woolen and carding mill

Bomar, Isaac T,  jeweler and watchmaker

Borders Hotel, George Borders, propr.

Borders Side, barber

Buchanan, Dr James B, druggist

Buchanan & Ewing (James Buchanan, James W Ewing) drugs and groceries

Campbell, Alfred T, county clerk

Campbellsville Hotel, C B Bailey & Co Proprs.

Carson, Andy C, carpenter

Cave, Robert D, wagonmaster

Cave, Mrs Robert D, milliner

Chandler, Joseph H, lawyer and lumber dealer

Chandler, Samuel T, physician

Chandler, S T & Son, (Samuel T & Robert D) Druggists

Chandler, Dr Woodruf T, drugs, groceries, liquors and notions

Coffey, Cyrus R, harnessmaker and saddler

Collins, Joseph T, lawyer

Cookley, Edward M, general store

Creel, Robert, carpenter

Davis Bros (Thomas W and John R), livery

Douglass, Wood, blacksmith

Elkins, Wm, county assessor

Fleece, Edward B, physician

Freybarger, Matthew, baker

George, James W, undertaker

Gowdy, David W, general store

Green, Thomas E, circuit clerk

Gum, John C, tailor

Hackley & Lewis (Robert D Hackley, George W. Lewis) harnessmakers

Hammond, J H & Son, stave makers

Harris, Henry, shoemaker

Hazard, John, painter

Hodgins, George, barber

Hodgkins, John D, jeweler

Hubbard, Robert H, blacksmith

Irvine, Thomas, physician

Irwin, Thomas, physician

Jeter, Rodifer E, supt J H Hammond & Son

Katz, Samuel, general store

Leet, Isaac, boarding

Livly, Samuel, blacksmith

Martin, Robert H, Postmaster, Insurance agent and Notary

Matthews, Alfred, jailer

Mays & Burdett, flour and sawmill, 3 ½ miles s.

Miller, Joseph H, surveyor

Mitchell, Mrs G D, music teacher

Montague, Robert S, lawyer

Moore, Daniel B, commission merchant

Morris, Thomas j, shoemaker

Murray, Green, railroad agent

Nell, Oliver, carpenter

Newcomb, Ben H, painter, 3 miles w.

Odewalt, Jacob, jeweler

Paragon Publishing Co (Dr S T Chandler, Morgan Chandler), Printers

Patterson, Charles, county attorney

Phillips Putnam & Co (James G and Hugh B Phillips) general store

Price, Norman L, blacksmith

Redman, George W, tanner

Robinson, H Scott, lawyer

Sanders, B D, justice of peace

Sanders, Elisha T, undertaker and carpenter

Sanders, Richard D, coroner

Smith, Hamilton B, blacksmith

Smith, Lewis B, hardware

Sutphin, Homer, photographer

Thornton, Charles A, painter

Turner & Day Mufg Co, Sidney Turner pres. Norman Day vice-pres, L G Wells treas, Albert Day gen mngr,

      James W Baceider supt.

Turner & Smith (John N Turner, John R Smith) general store, farm impts and sewing machines

Waddell, George W, physician

Williams, James H, gunsmith and harnessmaker

Willock, David, bricklayer


Page 199

Elkhorn. In Taylor county, 5 miles from Campbellsville, the county seat and shipping point, on the C. & C. br. L. & N. R. R. and 85 from Louisville.  Churches, Methodist and Babtist, School, district,. Mills, steam, saw and grist.  Shipments, tobacco, lumber and wheat.  Population, 100. Mail, semi-weekly. S. H. May, postmaster


Burress, E G, shoemaker

Creek, T W, saw and grist mill

Crook, W H, builder

Fisher, Thomas D, justice of peace

Kelsey, O M, physician

Lane, Rev J W, (Methodist)

May & Fisher, General Store, Undertakers and Blacksmiths

May, M B, general store and undertaker

Robinson, Miss, Sarah, teacher

Williams, R W, constable


Page 486

Merrimac. A recently established postoffice in Taylor county, 15 miles from Campbellsville, the county seat, and 16 from Lebanon, the nearest shipping point and bank location. Population, 80.  Mail by special supply.  N C Clarkson, postmaster.


Baily, W H, carpenter

Beard, E, saw and grist mill

Cabel, George W, blacksmith

Capheart & Christie, general store

Christie, Rev W R

Gaylor, Eli, constable

Helm & Rakes, General store

Huekins, George W, machinist

James, Rev C W

Prewitt, J W, justice of peace

Rakes, John T, wagonmaker



Page 473

Mannsville.  In the eastern part of Taylor county, 10 miles east of Campbellsville, the county seat, 8 miles from Spurlington, the nearest railroad point, and 87 southeastof Louisville.  Population, 50. Mail, semi-weekly.  Wm. Floyd, postmaster.


Floyd, John F, physician

Floyd, Wm, Physician

Mercer, James O, justice of peace

Penn & Floyd, general store


Page 565

Pitman.  In Taylor county, 7 miles southwest of Willowtown.


Page 597

Saloma.   In the northern part of Taylor county, 6 miles north of Campbellsville, the county seat and nearest shipping point on the C. & O. br. L. & N. R. R. and 81 southeast of Louisville.  Mail, semi-weekly.  Poplulation, 100.  George R. Peter, postmaster.


Durham, W W, general store

Dye, Peter A, general store

Dye, W J, blacksmith

Gaddie, B S & Son, flour mill, 2 miles out

Graham, Robert, flour mill, 1 mile out

Hubbard, Daniel, justice of peace

Hudson, G W, flour mill, 3 miles out

Peter, George R, General Store

Sanders, H G, live stock

Smith, R H, phusician

Tandy Bros, saw mill

Turner, W L, physician


Page 621

Spurlington. A station on the C & O. br. L. & N. R. R., in Taylor county, 6 miles from Campbellsville, the county seat.  Population, 60.  Mail, daily. Express, Adams.  John Spurling, postmaster.


Melton, Joseph, blacksmith

Shively, Dr A H, druggist

Spurling, John B, General Store and Railroad Agent


Page 630

Tampico.  In the southern part of Taylor county, 10 miles south of Campbellsville, the county seat and shipping point and 97 ½ southeast of Louisville. Daily mail and stage to Campbellsville. J W Faulkner, postmaster.


Page 657

Willowtown.  In the northeastern part of Taylor county, 10 miles northwest of Campbellsville, the county seat, 10 west of Spurlington, the nearest railroad approach and shipping point, and 75 southwest of Louisville. Mail, tri-weekly.


McFarland, Wm, general store

Stallard, Pitts, physician